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 A postpartum doula's focus is in helping the new mother after the birth of the baby.  Each family's needs are different, so the services provided by your postpartum doula will vary to accommodate your family in the best possible manner.


The postpartum doula's services are tailored to help the new mother rest as much as possible so that she recovers from the birth in a timely fashion. The postpartum doula is a "Mother's Helper". While the postpartum doula is very knowledgeable about newborn care, the scope of her role is not to take over the care of the newborn, as this would interfere with the mother and baby getting to know each other and bond. A postpartum doula provides loving support, so that the new mother feels rested, well-nourished and with her household in good order so that she can focus her energy on her new baby.


What does my Postpartum Doula Service Include?


★ Nutritious and delicious cooking

★ Light household cleaning (including doing the dishes)

 ★Light laundry

★ Grocery shopping

★ Running errands as deemed important by the new mom

★ Expert breastfeeding advice

★ Expert general newborn care (only as requested by new mother so as not to interfere with mother/baby bonding)

★ Care of any siblings (if applicable) so that the new mother can focus on the baby as needed or desired. 

★ Experience and expertise with multiples (twins and triplets) .


I also offer overnight postpartum doula assistance as well.  Overnight postpartum help is slightly different, but also includes light cleaning  (including doing the dishes) and laundry, all being done as quietly as possible so as not to disrupt the sleeping family.  The main focus of overnight care is in taking care of the newborn throughout the night so that the new mother may get the rest she needs.  This assistance still works with breastfeeding mothers, who may get up to feed the baby or pump their breastmilk to keep up their nighttime supply and then go back to sleep right away even if the baby is still awake.  


The families I have assisted over the years have been very pleased with how this type of expert postpartum help has enabled them to wake up to a clean house with their laundry done and their baby content.  Families with other children especially appreciate being able to take care of the older children and baby when they are better rested and can give their children more of their attention when they aren't worried about trying to keep up with household tasks.


Client references are available upon request. 


How do you set up my Postpartum Doula assistance?


At CHOICES IN CHILDBIRTH, my postpartum doula service is billed by the hour, so families usually set up a schedule in advance for how many days/weeks/months of hours of assistance they require.


Workdays for my postpartum doula service generally average 2-4 hours minimum per day, but of course can be arranged for more if desired.   Overnight postpartum care averages 6-10 hours.  The schedule can be altered to suit both the family's and the doula's needs. A postpartum Contract for Services is individually formulated and signed and can be open-ended if the family is not certain how many days/weeks/months that they will require.


With many families living far apart from one another, a postpartum doula can provide a much-needed service that family members usually take care of. A gift certificate for my postpartum doula's services can be an excellent gift for any new family.


If you would like specific information on the fees for my postpartum doula service, and would like to find out if you are in my geographic range to utilize my service, please  contact me here or email me.

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