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CHOICES IN CHILDBIRTH'S AMAZING LIST OF LINKS FOR PREGNANCY, CHILDBIRTH, BREASTFEEDING AND PARENTING INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET You are encouraged to use discretion while browsing the Internet on searches initiated by CHOICES IN CHILDBIRTH'S links. The links may lead unintentionally to sites containing information that some people may find inappropriate or offensive. CHOICES IN CHILDBIRTH make no representations concerning any effort to review all of the content of sites listed in links listing, the sheer volume of the links page makes any such representation practically impossible.


Would you like to add your site to this list? Please Email your business name, address, phone number, Web Site URL, contact person's name and email address. Tell me why you think your site should be included on this list. You will be notified within one week if your site will be added.  


Please contact me with the URL of the site that is not working.

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