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Many women make the mistake of looking for their medical caregiver first, and then must to go to whatever hospital that caregiver is affiliated with. This hospital may not be their preference at all. Instead, find out what birth setting choices are available in your community before choosing your medical caregiver.




Expectant women have more than just one option in their choice for a medical caregiver for their pregnancy, labor and birth experience.  


Most people do not realize that Obstetrics and OB-GYN care is a medical specialty . Pregnant women may not realize that they may not need a high-risk specialist (surgeon) if they are experiencing a normal, low-risk pregnancy and are anticipating the same for their labor and birth.  


According to the World Health Organization, midwives should be the preferred medical caregiver for low-risk pregnant women, reserving OB-GYN's for high-risk pregnancies for emergency birth complications only.

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